Our Farm

My name is Dan Harrington, and as an avid whitetail enthusiast, hunter, and farmer for my entire life, I built Wide and High Whitetails with the purpose of raising some of the finest whitetails in the industry. Our farm is located in the central Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where we have a top of the line facility.  Visitors are always welcome.  We'd like nothing more than to show off our deer and our facilities.  Give us a call.

Pictured: Dan and Cindy Harrington

Pictured: Dan and Cindy Harrington

Our Facility

We have a top of the line handling facility and 12 deer pens across our 25 acre farm. Our pens are planted with lush high nutrient food plots that deer love.


Our Methods

Nature or Nurture? Why Choose



Antler growth starts with genetics. We don't compromise when it comes to maintaining the best breeding lines for impressive antler growth. Every pedigree is carefully planned, documented, and published.


Optimal environment

Deer need to be put in the optimal environment in order to reach their full potential. Clean fresh water, high protein feed, midwest nutrient rich soil, and the low-toxin dry environment all leads to improved antler growth.